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The only thing you’re more tired of than lawyer jokes is paperwork. Like it’s international counterparts, South Africa’s legal industry has been transformed by technology, and electronic signatures, document workflows and airtight data security are just some of the features on your wish list. But who has the time to set all this up? You bill per hour!

Legal services now rely on mobility, cloud computing, online billing systems, social and online community management, online reputation management and cybersecurity.

You must also be able to guarantee your clients’ information stays confidential and be online and available when your client needs you.

We understand the unique challenges you’re facing in the legal industry. Our technology Solution is specifically tailored for a modern firm like yours. Get everything you need to do business in one easy-to-purchase package or build your own customisable solution, scalable to match your unique business needs. Your office will run like you’re on the set of Suits.

Integr8 is the leading edge of smarter business, and we want to be the partner you deserve.

Legal Solution

Electronic document management
Backup (local)
EUD management
Physical security

Customisable Additions

  • EPS
  • Office 365
  • Fixed connectivity

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