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It’s your job to keep your clients, data and workforce safe, secure and always online. It’s incredible how security services have evolved, leaping from purely physical protection to biometrics authentication, identity management and multiple site surveillance.

Of course, with great responsibility, comes great… complexity. Your clients rely on you being always-on and contactable and trust you with their lives — hence the need for secure, online technologies.

You need a partner who understands the challenges you’re experiencing in the security industry, someone who will equip you with the tools and technology to help you become more efficient, effective and able to guarantee uptime.

Our technology solution is specifically tailored for South Africa’s retail and wholesale industry. Get everything you need to do business in one easy-to-purchase package or build your own customisable solution, scalable to match your unique business needs.

Integr8 is the leading edge of smarter business, and we want to be the partner you deserve.

Security Solution

Physical security
Mobile connectivity
Workforce management
Fleet management

Customisable Additions

  • EPS
  • Office 365
  • Fixed connectivity

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